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Family Engagement Policy and Compact

2020-21 Compact for Title I Schools

Mark Twain Elementary School

Family Compact:

I will make sure my student is an attendance HERO: Here Every day Ready On time

  • I will be involved in my student’s education.
  • I will read school communication and engage when I have questions or concerns.
  • I will utilize school and community resources to help my student succeed. 
  •  I will follow APS and Mark Twain Family Guidelines

Student Compact:

I will be a good Friend to my peers.

  • I will Respect myself and others.
  • I will be On task.
  • I will be a Good Citizen by following all campus expectations.
  • I will be Safe at school.

Staff Compact:

  • I will always conduct myself in a courteous and professional manner.
  • I will have high expectations while supporting individual student needs.
  • I will communicate in a convenient, consistent, clear, respectful, and timely manner.
  • I will provide encouragement in a positive environment.
  • I will be a Mark Twain Attendance Hero

Administrator Compact:

  • I will support communication that is convenient, consistent, clear, respectful, and timely.
  • I will act as an instructional leader by supporting staff in their classrooms.
  • I will create a welcoming atmosphere for students, families, and staff.
  • I will involve parents in the educational process in a variety of ways.

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