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Daily Schedule

 School day         

8:52 -1st Bell

8:55 am - 3:52 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

8:52 am - 12:45 pm on Wednesday 

Students may attend school in person beginning April 5.  Precautions against the virus are in place and students are directed to use protocols to limit exposures.  Students attending in person are to be at school each day unless they are ill. Learning in the classroom will involve students who are learning remotely. 

Water Fountains will not be functioning during the COVID state orders.  Please be sure to send a water bottle with your student each day.  

Parent/Guardians may choose to continue student Learning remotely.  Students are expected to login and participate each day.  Some of the learning is "Meet"ing with the teacher while instruction is given in the classroom.  Students are to engage in learning to the best of their ability.  Other learning is off screen, on projects, skill practice, or instructional activities.  Visit our Remote Learning tab or button for login guidance.  

Attendance is recorded and students are expected to attend each meeting time arranged by the teacher.  Teachers have made specific arrangements for students to join in learning and we want all students to be successful.